TheArtists is a non-profit platform dedicated to supporting artists. We focus on the artists themselves, giving them a voice and visibility. We offer the international public the opportunity to discover contemporary artists and provide insight into their artistic practices.

The centre of our support is TheArtists.net which presents continuous new selections of artists and artworks. We invite renowned curators, artists and other experts to select international artists without constant gallery representation. These unique selections are then presented online for a limited period of time. Through our webpage we share the artists’ practices and facilitate their entry into the art market. Artworks can be bought directly at reasonable prices, with unprecedented financial transparency. 65% of the sale proceeds get paid out directly to the artist, of which 5% go into a community fund which is then divided equally between all artists of one selection. We want to inspire people to become art enthusiasts who are curious to discover new contemporary practices. Buying artworks is one of the most direct ways to support artists and our platform makes it simple!

We love art, we want to see art and we want everyone to join us. Studio visits and exhibitions are the second pillar of our initiative. We know that experiencing artworks in exhibitions and learning about the artist’s practice by visiting their studios is a sure-fire way to fall in love with an artist or an artwork. This can be the beginning of a journey, always exciting and always enriching. For art professionals such as gallerists, curators, art advisors and the like, TheArtists is an ongoing invitation to get acquainted with unknown positions, diverse practices and to get to know artists.

Another branch of support through TheArtists is our individual coaching and mentoring of artists. To the participating artists, we offer strategic, practical assistance and consultation to develop their practices, build important, lifelong connections and to understand the dynamics of a very fast shifting art market. We want to support artists to become economically independent.

TheArtists is a transparent organization, sharing responsibility with each artist as an equal partner.



  • Communicating and mediating the work of participating artists on TheArtists.net – e.g. by commissioning authors to present the artists’ work – and thus generating international visibility and discourse about their practice.
  • Offering the artworks of participating artists for sale online.
  • Presenting artworks of participating artists and others at exhibitions in different locations.
  • Organizing studio visits with participating artists and others.
  • Coaching and mentoring participating artists by accounting for their personal preferences and individuality.
  • Expanding the network of participating artists and facilitating long-term relationships with relevant collaborators.
  • TheArtists offers everyone the possibility to discover contemporary art by artists who have not established a continuous gallery representation (yet) – online, at exhibitions or in their studios.
  • On TheArtists.net we present individual selections of artists by experienced curators and individuals which aim to representing a full range of current artistic practices. We provide information in the form of texts, images, portraits as well as CVs, bibliography and more.
  • In exhibitions and studio visits we offer the possibility for artists to present their work and for the public to get insights into contemporary art and and get to know the artists.

65% of the sale proceeds get paid out directly to the artist, of which 5% go into a community fund.



  • TheArtists is a transparent organization, sharing responsibility with each artist as an equal partner and collaborating with them regarding the website, exhibitions and studio visits.
  • Full transparency between artists and TheArtists when it comes to pragmatic procedures such as sales, payments, transport and responsibilities.
  • Artists need to be independent on a material level in order to focus on their practice. Therefore direct sales are important. TheArtists pays out 65% of the sale proceeds directly to the artist, of which 5% go into a community fund which is divided equally between all artists of one selection.
  • Using transparent and time-limited contracts and clear contractual terms with participating artists.
  • We operate not-for-profit and aim to cover our expenses.
  • We respect and commit to supporting artists of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, nationality, sex, sexual preferences, age, faiths and different abilities and (political) opinions.
  • We place a special emphasis on making the work of women artists equally visible.
  • TheArtists pledges to establish a culture of best practice, where respect and anti-discrimination are paramount in our dealings within our company, towards artists, customers and any third party. We will not compromise on this.
  • We do not present artworks with discriminatory or offensive content.
  • We attempt to work as sustainably as possible, as part of our best practice endeavour.
  • When organizing exhibitions, studio visits and other events we aim to use local resources and act responsibly towards the environment.
  • We aim to operate paperless – where possible.
  • Through our “if possible, no returns” policy, we aim to reduce the amount of shipped goods. We aim for all our packing materials to be composed of recycled materials.
  • The aim of our work is to set and maintain the highest standards.

TheArtists will not compromise on quality but maintains a clear, transparent and fair structure that will make it easy to enjoy art, exchange with the different perspectives it has to offer and put artists and their works at the centre of all activities. We are experienced partners with no ambition to outshine artists and their work and no artist is bound exclusively to TheArtists. Many future developments and activities are within our sight and TheArtists remains committed to respecting the integrity of each work and artist as a guiding principle.