Ly Nguyen

Nguyen ly portrait gregor hildebrandt muenchen
Nguyen ly der streckenlauf jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen

Der Streckenlauf, 2018.

The beauty is in the simplicity

Artist Ly Nguyen does not like to set herself any boundaries in her work as a painter. She does not follow any strict concept or rules but rather lets herself be inspired by her surroundings: «I often go outside and capture my environment with an inner recorder. And if there's something there that catches my attention, I try to bring that back to the canvas in my studio,» explains the artist. She translates these impressions with the brush through movements of her hands and allows forms to emerge through the application of the paint. Currently, she is also experimenting with sculpture and installation, incorporating found objects into her works, such as vinyl records. This is all part of the process of Lu Ngyuyen’s painting, where developing and pushing one’s practice through another medium can open up areas within the primary expression.

Ly Nguyen has been studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2016 and is currently examining the essence and simplicity of given impressions within her practice, which find their voice through her pictorial compositions. She seeks to retain the pure form and preserves on the canvas «As something is, it is good and I will not make it better, or bigger, if this is not already the case».

The word comes before the painting

When Nguyen begins a new work, she usually already knows the title, but rarely what the painting will look like in the end. Working primarily with oil on canvas, her paintings consciously elaborate her inner world. This is exemplified in the square painting Bubble (2020), which was inspired by a conversation in a café about chewing gum. The abstract painting consists of light, transient forms that play with porosity and transparency. The colour palette is calm yet strong.

The artist accompanies the works with subtitles, which encourage the viewer to read into the mind of the abstract image, «You never know what will remain in the viewers' minds. And that's not so important, as long as an emotion, a thought or inspiration can be taken away.»

Text by Gianna Rovere

Biography Ly Nguyen

born 1992 in Germany


since 2016 Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Germany / Painting and Graphics, Class Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt

Exhibitions (selection)

BFF, NoDepression Room , Munich, Germany
Blick nach vorn, Galerie Klüser, Munich, Germany

Der River, Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, Germany

Schauburg Theater, Munich, Germany

Grzegorzkis Seven, Kunstverein Heppenheim, Heppenheim, Germany

Annual Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts Munich, Class Prof. Gregor Hildebrandt, Munich, Germany

Wir schwimmen alle im gleichen Wasser, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany


Singer of the band PAAR

Ly Nguyen is also the singer of her band PAAR.


  • Nguyen ly bubble jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen


    Chrome lacquer, oil on canvas / 120 x 120 cm / 47.2 x 47.2 in / €2,650

  • Nguyen ly oh cherie jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen

    Oh, Cherié

    Oil on canvas / 135 x 120 cm / 53.1 x 47.2 in / €2,450

  • Nguyen ly zart jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen


    Oil on canvas / 70 x 80 cm / 27.6 x 31.5 in / €1,500

  • Nguyen ly der spiegel jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen

    Der Spiegel

    Oil on canvas / 75 x 75 cm / 29.5 x 29.5 in / €950

  • Nguyen ly der streckenlauf jungekunst gregor hildebrandt muenchen

    Der Streckenlauf

    Oil on black canvas / 80 x 60 cm / 31.5 x 23.6 in / €1,360